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Soil Conditioner
  • Soil Conditioner

    Soil Conditioner is the ideal tool for all of your grading, shaping and leveling needs. Ideal for anyone from landscapers to food plotters, builders and contractors this is an invaluable tool to get the job done faster and better! Our conditioner features a direct drive Eaton Char-Lynn hydraulic motor that is both standard and high flow compatible! Our over 10″ drum spinner features carbide tips for ultimate wear and ripping ability. Our industry-leading 4×8″ heavy walled rectangular backbone can handle the extreme duty work you throw at it with ease. Featuring heavy duty caster wheels on an oscillating frame and free-floating mounting plate keeping level is a breeze! Like all Jenkins attachments, we have fully greaseable pivot points and wheel bearings for long life and easy maintenance! We also include bolt on wings for soil control and windrowing!

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