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  • How do I find your location?
    We are located just west of Sawyer, ND on the corner of HWY52 and County Road 18 From Minot, head East on HWY52 - we are approximately 12 miles out on the south side of the road. From Bismarck, head north on HWY83 - exit on HWY2/52 east (Menards / Dennys) - follow the signs to exit on HWY52 (down the hill from Schatz Truck Stop) Alternate route from Bismarck - Turn east on HWY53 just before you get to Max - Turn north on HWY23 (Bennedict turn) - follow 23 till you get to HWY52 - turn west (left) - travel 1 mile to County Road 18
  • Do you ship attachments?
    Typically, no. Attachments must be picked up on site. We are working on being able to provide additional locations in both the Williston and Bismarck areas.
  • Can attachments be purchased online?
    No. In order to keeps costs as low as possible, we do not sell through our web site. You can see what we have available, but purchases must be made onsite.
  • Do you keep regular business hours?
    No. You can drive through our yard and see what's there, but please call us to arrange a time to talk, purchase, and pick up.
  • Do you charge tax and what is the tax rate?
    Yes - we are required to charge sales tax. The current tax rate is 5.5%.
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